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We have recently formed an exciting partnership with APR to launch some innovative products into the UK market for PKU both in children and adults.

APR is a Swiss independent pharma company focused on the development and global commercialisation of innovative, research-driven products designed to address unmet needs in specialised therapeutic areas and rare diseases.

APR combines pharmaceutical development expertise with proprietary drug delivery technologies to realise solutions that meaningfully improve the lives of people with rare diseases and empower families through novel approaches to disease management.

A diverse and balanced portfolio of revenue-generating products in all major markets is complemented by a robust pipeline of innovative products at different stages of development for the treatment of recessive metabolic disorders, as well as rare dermatological and ocular diseases.

APR directly commercialises products through in-house sales and marketing teams in strategically important countries across Europe and a growing worldwide network of commercial partners.


APR are a Company leader in Drug Delivery Technologies combined with deep knowledge from “inside” of what patients and families need.


Paolo Galfetti is the founder and CEO of APR, with about 17 years of personal involvement and deep “inside” knowledge of the disease because his first child has PKU. Click here for a video of his story.

Lifelong working expertise dedicated to research, develop and commercialize highly differentiated products developed using patented Drug Delivery Systems intended to improve the quality of life of patients suffering from severe diseases.


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